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The Terre Company provides a full line of quality lawn, shrub and turf care products for professional landscape contractors, golf course managers, and other types of property managers. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you make the right decision about which products to use and when in order to achieve ideal health and a beautiful look. Or innovative and proprietary seed blends have proven themselves to be superior quality for over 70 years, and our use of high quality raw materials ensures a premium finished product.

Athletic Fields • Residences • Commercial Landscapes • Golf Courses • Municipal Landscapes

Who We Serve

  • Residential Landscape Contractors
  • Golf Course Superintendents
  • Building/Apartment Managers
  • Other Commercial Property Managers

For Residential Landscape Contractors

Your customers only want the best looking lawn – they want lush volume, vibrant color, and thick density. Only the best seed blends and fertilizer products can achieve what your homeowners want, and the Terre Company can provide that. Our proprietary seed blends have served landscaping contractors for over 70 years, and deliver products with high impact. Professionals choose our seed, fertilizer, and turf products because of their superior density and quality.

For Golf Course Superintendents

Work better and smarter with the Terre Company’s seed, turf, and fertilizer products which are superior to other brands. For decades we have worked closely with golf course managers and representatives in and around the New Jersey area to help them achieve the type of turf and lawn they are looking for. Your grounds are extremely important – from the courses themselves to the clubhouse landscaping and beyond. We understand what is needed to achieve a luscious and thick turf, and have spent years developing seed blends and fertilizers which are ideal for those results. Call now to speak with a sales representative.

For Building/Apartment Managers and Property Managers

The grounds of your property are just as important as the buildings themselves. Residential and commercial tenants alike expect the exterior of their rental property to be beautiful and healthy looking, and as a property manager you want to achieve that at a reasonable cost. The Terre Company has worked with property managers in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut to supply them with excellent quality products for a fair price. Our seed, fertilizer, and turf products deliver on density, quality, and beauty.

For Municipalities and Athletic Properties

Public properties and fields are a representation of your community, and town residents only want the best in curb appeal for the areas they live in. Particularly on football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, and other athletic areas, specially blended, high density seed are needed to make an impact and support the health of the turf. Lots of foot traffic can severely take its toll on grassy areas, so it is imperative that you choose products which can keep these areas healthy and covered in the long term. Speak with a Terre Company representative to find out what our products can do for you.

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